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Center of Technology Environmental Protection (CTEP)

IESSCO USA because of President's decision bring CTEP into being. This is a department which is deriving of Iessco Environmental Group. The centre above will initiate into Poland the newest technologies and solutions of Environmental Protection. Those companies which are mentioned below are the examples of the member of CTEP.

Waste Reduction Europe

Non Burn Technology Clinical Waste Systems of various sizes to replace autoclaving, off-site processing and incineration. Waste is quickly and cost effectively decontaminated to European standards using shredding and low pressure steam and simultaneously reduced in volume by up to 90% ready for simple landfill disposal.

Patented animal carcass Tissue Digestor Units, the process having a unique European Union approval in the Animal By-products regulations for the rapid high temperature alkaline hydrolysis and dissolution of all categories of animal carcasses and tissues. This includes Prion (TSE) contaminated tissues. The liquid effluent is sterile and additionally makes safe any radionuclide contaminated tissues to acceptable regulatory limits for simple sewer release.

Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) take "kill tanks" to a new level of Bio-safety and high temperature decontaminates all BSL (Bio-Safety Level) Category 3 and 4 liquid biological waste effluent safely and effectively for normal sewer release.

PRM Energy inc. USA

Krause Mfg inc. USA

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