Iessco Environmental
Group Ltd Poland

30 - 003 Kraków
ul. Śląska 6/3, Poland

tel/fax (0048 12) 633 11 11



IESSCO Environmental Group is a company which specializes in many architecture lines in field of general building. Our services vary basic building and renovation works to specific engineering constructions.

We provide complete service ranging from designing and construction to architectonical supervision. Our projects let us use our technical potential, as well as our crew's experience and knowledge, to satisfy many clients. Close cooperation with professionals supported with many years' experience makes us capable of fulfilling your demands at stage of the investment.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in finding grounds of different appropriations for future investments. Our services also include buying and selling grounds, wide-range legal advice in ground possession regulations and obtaining build permits, as well.
Our highly qualified co-operators offer their help not only in applying innovative construction technologies but also in a wide range of associated services. Regardless of whether it is funding, planning, designing or simply building, difficult tasks have always pushed us to work and look for new intelligent system solutions.

A perfect example of our abilities is IESSCO Environmental Group head office in Krakow.

and rebuilding Lavrance Cullena apartment on The Agnieszka Street in Kraków: