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The IESSCO corporation has a considerable experience within environmental protection area. For about 27 years we have been involved in partnership for the purposes of solving problems concerning wastes-management. We deal with complex service for both industrial factories and individuals. We offer services in full range, which stems from the requirements of the environmental protection law, law of wastes, water law and other currently obliging regulations of the polish and European law.

We cooperate with highly educated specialists of the environmental protection domain, dealing day-to-day with projecting, researching and measuring, and – due to broad cooperation with famous companies from all over the world – our products fulfill the requirements of the world-obliging standards.


We currently specialize in widely understood problems concerning thermal processing of the wastes. We offer you a cooperation within the selection of systems and installations used in thermal processing of the wastes. We also offer services concerning designing and constructing new, and modernizing already existing plants dealing with wastes management.

The good example of an activity within the neutralization of wastes is the Institute of thermal processing of communal wastes by the gasification method, elaborated by our corporation together with ZD-Project for the Konin city.


There is constantly growing stress on the environmental protection problems nowadays, and one of the most substantial problems is air protection. Air contamination occurs by introducing into it solid, liquid or gas substances in quantities that may lead to the number of harmful effects on human health, climate, living nature, soil, water or other undesirable damages in the environment.

Within air pollutants we can name:

  • pollutants of anthropogenesis, like gases and dusts
  • pollutants of natural genesis, which appear due to wood fires, processes of organic disposal and volcanic eruptions.

The IESSCO corporation offers the services for industrial plants within:

  • designing, building and starting up air cleaning installations
  • elaborating of the new technologies dealing with air cleaning
  • professional advising concerning selection of the proper installations from both technical and economical point of view.

Each investment performed by the ESSCO Corp. is covered by complex servicing both at the stage of building and during exploitation of the installations. Due to highly experienced staff including specialists from many areas of environmental protection, especially air protection, we offer you solutions which are both economically attractive and technically innovative.


Water supply is one of the most important problems concerning both the natural environment and the basis of human existence. Water is one of the basic elements of every living organism.

Humans use water for both consumption and economic purposes, in the industry and energetic, so no wonder why water is an irreplaceable good, that needs to be cherished. The responsibility for the proper working of the natural water circulation paths became a determinant for our company. By the analysis of information concerning water uptake, it’s consumption and the amount of gutters discharged we acquired the picture of actual situation in the hydro-gutter economics, and following – we were able to establish the field of activity for our corporation in this area. Because of a very wide range of application of water in many branches of economy, there is a necessity for usage of many methods and processes leading to gaining and regaining the water of suitable quality.

Those processes include:

  • water conditioning process
  • gutter cleansing process

There is a necessity of using many methods of water conditioning, due to different composition and parameters of waters taken up from the natural sources and uneven requirements as for the water quality, coming from different consumers. The process of cleansing gutters, coming from both the private houses and the industry, has also a considerable importance in everyday life.
The IESSCO corporation is aware of the fact, that deepening water deficiency results in making its recovering an extremely substantial element of environmental concern, and that is why we offer you the number of different innovative technologies leading to the improvement of water quality. The constant development of our products makes you able to get modern technologies of industrial, communal and rain gutter cleansing, and also the water purification plants.
What belongs to the profile of our corporation is basically the realization of gutter installations and water purification installations. In both those cases we also offer professional advice and help to prepare investments both from technical and economical point of view.

The IESSCO corporation offers a wide range of solutions concerning the problem of draining off and utilization of gutters coming both from individuals and large industrial factories.