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During a dozen or so last years the IESSCO Corp. has established many contacts and has started a fruitful cooperation with many companies – leading the American market – in the range of utilization technologies of communal, medical and industrial wastes.

Those companies are:

  • PRM Energy Inc. USA
  • Krause Mfg Inc. USA
  • Warren & Baerg Mfg Inc.
  • CP Manufacturing. Inc.
  • US Filter Inc.

Moreover we are cooperating with specialists in chosen fields among others with Institute of the Technology and Devices of the waste disposal, technical university of Silesia in Gliwice, Department of the environmental engineering and Energeticses, Dr. Bogusław Bieda, an AGH researcher, the expert of the European Union in the scope of the environmental protection as well as workers of the technical university of Cracow. We are conducting our works with the complicity of design bureaus among others: ZD- Project in Cracow leading projects for IESSCO Environmental Group.

During the period of working at the markets all over the world the IESSCO Corp. performed few projects of reloading stations, for example in Stanford, Connecticut; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Maryland in the USA, as well as assembling environmental protecting installations in a dozen or so medical structures - New York Hospital, Medical Cornel Center, Dryfus Company and The Health Foundation, Rogosin Institute and many other commercial objects. All those solutions are characterized by optimal parameters in the range of technological effectiveness, exploitation economics and reliability.

The IESSCO Corp. currently cooperates with some of the biggest corporations building waste recovery plants in the USA, in Australia and in Europe. We are able to arrange close cooperation with every customer, which allows us to adjust the technological processes to the local investment conditions.

So the IESSCO is a company, which puts a stress on wide-ranging future solutions, and the efficiency of the solutions we use, together with the ability to use the knowledge in practice makes one of the foundation of our activity.