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There is constantly growing stress on the environmental protection problems nowadays, and one of the most substantial problems is air protection. Air contamination occurs by introducing into it solid, liquid or gas substances in quantities that may lead to the number of harmful effects on human health, climate, living nature, soil, water or other undesirable damages in the environment.
Within air pollutants we can name:

  • pollutants of anthropogenesis, like gases and dusts
  • pollutants of natural genesis, which appear due to wood fires, processes of organic disposal and volcanic eruptions

The IESSCO corporation offers the services for industrial plants within:

  • designing, building and starting up air cleaning installations
  • elaborating of the new technologies dealing with air cleaning
  • professional advising concerning selection of the proper installations from both technical and economical point of view

Each investment performed by the ESSCO Corp. is covered by complex servicing both at the stage of building and during exploitation of the installations.

Due to highly experienced staff including specialists from many areas of environmental protection, especially air protection, we offer you solutions which are both economically attractive and technically innovative.