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The problems of the environmental protection are currently in the center of public interest, that is why the IESSCO Corp. meets your expectations. Aiming at that we created a complex system of services in the range of:

  • conceptions studying
  • design conceptions studying
  • documentation agreement
  • preparation of the financial support for the investments

In the concern for all environmental components our company deals with every branch of the industry. According to our premises we carry out complex services in the range of wastes management, hydro-gutter economics, air protection and noise analysis.

Suggesting our customer a creation of an effective working system we offer our a few dozen years lasting experience and professional help in solving environmental protection problems. Due to the highest quality of the services it offers, the IESSCO Corp. has accomplished a stable market position.

Thinking of our future customers we have prepared a complex services in the range of introducing the technologies creating reliable and safe systems of management of the wastes of different kinds. One of the means to deal with “the mountain of civilization wastes” is recycling, because it allows to decrease the quantity of wastes together with secondary raw material recovery in the combination with pyrolysis system, due to which we are able to produce electric and thermal energy. In the middle of its activity IESSCO helped many cities, factories and institutions to elaborate and put into practice advanced waste management systems. According to signed agreements the company had managed those investments till they accomplished full efficiency.

The IESSCO Corp. is a company, which – apart from recycling – provides modern technological solutions in the range of widely understood hydro-gutter economics, including water and gutter cleansing and sludges developing. We have knowledge and experience allowing us to take up a complex actions at each level, offering competent and practical conceptions and solutions, which are always adjusted to particular location both from technical and economical point of view. IESSCO possesses it’s own technical solutions in the range of main issues connected with water and gutter cleansing, the issues which demand not only to solve them, but to find the best solution. By such comprehensive approach and due to our abilities to join different techniques to use them in total, it is often possible to use economical synergetic solutions.

The necessity co counteract still progressing degradation of the environment finds a reflection in still growing requirements of norms and regulations concerning air protection. Combustion gases discharged must be a subject to cleansing processes. We obtain that by building dust removal, sulfur removal and nitrogen removal installations (from wastes gases). The IESSCO Corp. offers a number of services also in this area of environmental protection – in the range of elaborating new technological solutions. We work in a close cooperation with our customers trying to find optimal solutions, which unquestionably contribute to the improvement of our common environment.

The company gathered a group of highly skilled workers and partners, whose objective is to solve your problems using the best technologies. Our team of specialists will approach to each customer individually and will help to select an optimal solution for everyone.

We invite you to cooperate with us.