International Environmental
Systems & Supplies
Inc. USA

70-46 Ingram Street,
Forest Hills.,
New York 11375,

tel/fax (001 718) 263 24 67



International Environmental System & Supplies Inc. (IESSCO)

was founded in 1980 in Delaware, USA by the company manager - Edward Wnuk. The company has 1000 shares, which belong (in 100%) to Edward Wnuk. At the beginning our company was a representative of Environmental Elements Corp., KOPERS Inc. and Philips.

Within over 27 years IESSCO evolved into an international corporation, and the particular care the company showed for each customer has contributed to a spectacular development in America and in other parts of the world. The domain of our activity at the beginning was selling environmental protecting installations in the Middle and Eastern Europe. Than the IESSCO Corp. widened its activity in the range of building medical and dental objects, we executed about 200 projects of this kind in the USA. At present our company conducts a broad activity also in the range of building, repairing, real estates turnover and helping to obtain financial support for various projects. Since 1985 the IESSCO Corp. has been working actively in Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe in the range of adaptation of the newest American environmental protecting technologies. A wide range of services we offer is based on the considerable experience and knowledge in the domain of main problems connected with the newest solutions concerning environmental protection, like communal, industrial and medical wastes recovery (through various combinations of segregation, recycling with pyrolysis technology and other solutions), water and gutter cleansing and air protection. The efficiency of the solutions we use, together with the ability to use the knowledge in practice makes one of the foundation of our activity.

At present our company works in Poland through IESSCO Environmental Group, whose shares belong in 100% to the IESSCO Corp., carrying out a broad cooperation with a number of independent companies in the range of development of new environmental protection technologies. IESSCO Environmental Group was found in 1997, and in 2000 she was re-registered and recived number of registracion, NIP, REGON.